Artist: Jerry Carpenter

I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1952 and have lived in Santa Clara county most of my life and enjoy being part of the local artist community. In 2003 as my son finished High School and Boy Scouts, I found myself with more free time. I decided to take art classes at a local Junior College to see if there was any latent talent for drawing. This also filled a dual role of potential retirement activity which was only a few years down the road.

Eventually family members suggested I join Open Studios, which I had not heard of at that time. My work has been displayed and sold mostly in conjunction with Silicon Valley Open Studios activities. (See The media I use these days is primarily in pastel. Aside from a few introductory classes, my style has been mostly a journey of self-discovery. The subject matter tends to be eclectic based on whim. I do not feel all art must have a message, so my style and technique reflect this. If viewers wish for there to be a meaning they can imagine one for themselves.